Program Overview

A Convergent Approach on Traineeship Towards Realizing H2 Economy

Participants will spend 10 weeks with UConn faculty and graduate students, participating in graduate level research projects on project related to current state-of-the-art hydrogen technologies and the challenges hindering their implementation, and will be inspired  to work on finding solutions to address those challenges in their professional careers. REU students will be part of a campus multidisciplinary REU community consisting of several programs in science and engineering. The research program will be accompanied by seminars and a social program. Each student prepares a scientific poster of their research for presentation at an on campus REU symposium. The program lasts for 10 weeks, from the end of May through early August. Students must be available for the entire 10-week period.

Research Thrusts


  • Short technical seminar on How to do research led by Julia Valla, program PI, followed by weekly presentations by students in their Journal Club
  • Seminar on Graduate School Preparation and the Academic Career Path led by Dr. Shor, Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education, UConn School of Engineering, and Dr. Tuitt, UConn's Vice Present and and Chief Diversity Officer, and Prof. of Higher Education and Student Affairs
  • A short technical course on Fundamentals of H2 Technologies led by the faculty mentors
  • Industrial Demonstrations and Preparation for Industrial Career Paths led by Mr. Rinebold, Director of Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT) and guided by the H2 coalition members
  • A mini course on Hydrogen Environmental Policy and Law led by the Prof. MacDouglad, Executive Director, Center for Energy and Environmental Law, UConn School of Law